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Warranty Information

author:克泰 Date:at 10:28 on October 10,2019

                                                     Warranty Information

   Keta Hydraulics is specialized in designing & manufacturing various kinds of high quality screw-in cartridge valves  and valve anifolds, which are widely used in mobile and industrial equipments.

   a) Keta Hydraulics warrants to the original purchaser of its products that products are free from defects in workmanship and material, when operated under normal conditions. This warranty shall be in effect for a period of 12 months from the starting date of services, but not to exceed 20 months from the date of manufacture as indicated by the date code stamping on the valve.
    b) This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferrable. The warranty period of the repaired or replaced products shall decrease of the period that original products have already enjoyed.
    c) Seals and O-rings are expressly excluded from the warranty.
    d) This warranty excludes products not of Keta Hydraulics' manufacture which may be included as adjunctive products in manifold or systems. These products specifically include, but are not limited to, other manufacturers’cartridge valves, subbase-type valves, electronic connectors, sensors, controls, fittings and filters. If these products carry original manufacturers' warranties, the warranty pass through Keta Hydraulics to the original user as provided within the original manufacturers' warranty.
    e) This warranty will not apply to products that have been subject to conditions of contamination in the  customer's hydraulic circuit, or to products which have been incorrectly handled, fitted, used or modified/disassembled without Keta's supervision or authorization.

    a) This document and other information from Keta's website and catalogs are intended to operate in conjunction with further investigation by trained users having appropriate technical and mechanical expertise to facilitate the safe handling and use of Keta products. Keta products are not intended to be used or handled by anyone    other than trained users having appropriate technical and mechanical expertise. The information contained in our catalog and website, www.ketahydraulics.com, is provided for technical illustration purpose only, and may not be used or relied upon as a statement of suitability for use in any particular application. Users, through their own analysis and testing, are solely responsible for following items,
            1. Final selection of Keta products;
            2. Assuring that Keta products are used in a safe and intended manner with all performance, endurance, maintenance, safety, 
                and warning requirement necessary for safe application being met;
            3. Determining that Keta products data and specifications are suitable and sufficient for all intended application and reasonable 
               foreseeable uses.
    b) All Keta products are subject to the necessary checks/tests in various production phases in order to guarantee compliance with the specifications and settings shown in the catalog, drawings, and/or technical data sheets. Since products are in continuous improvement, information and specification are subject to change without further notice.
    c) Due to the wide range of variants and operation conditions of the equipment manufactured by the customers, Keta does not assume any liability for the results of tests performed by third party. The customer is therefore responsible for the final choice of the valve and for the adoption of all the measures required to achieve the functional and safety specifications of the system in which the products is to be installed, in addition to the compliance with any specific regulation or standard applicable to the system in question.
    d) In spite of Keta's continuous concern to provide top quality products, the production of valves at competitive market prices cannot ensure the total absence of defects. If the valve supplied is to be fitted in assembly plants potentially capable of causing damages to third parties of magnitude significantly greater than the cost of the valve itself, it is the customer's responsibility to adopt all the possible safety measures in order to avoid any such damages.
    e) Since the use of the information contained in Keta product documentation (including this document), and the conditions under which Keta products are used are beyond the control of Keta company, it is the obligation of each user of Keta products to carefully read and understand this document and all other Keta product documentation, and to determine the correct and safe methods of installation, inspection, testing, operation, and maintenance of Keta products.

Application Limitation
    f) Without obtaining written approval from General Manager of Keta Company, the customer is expressly prohibited from using Keta products in the following applications (include but not limited to):
            1. On-highway or railway vehicles carrying passengers or goods, such as (without limitation) steering or brake system;
            2. Aircraft or space vehicles;
            3. Ordnance Equipment, or nuclear facility equipment;
            4. Medical and health products, including life support equipment or vehicles;
            5. Amusement rides;
            6. Non-oil-based hydraulic fluids;
            7. Explosive or hazardous environment;
    g) Under any circumstance, Keta shall not be held responsible for following items,
            1. Loss of profit, or any other contingent, consequential, or special damages;
            2. Costs of disassembly and reassembly of the products, nor for any damages connected with such operation;
            3. Costs related to the fitting of the repaired or replaced valves, including losses of earnings related to machine being 
                temporarily out of service.

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